Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Management Module, provides a next generation Document Management System, allowing you to capture your entire organisational intelligence and make it available to everyone whenever they are on a web connection.

No more shared directories, no uncontrolled documentation and no more duplication of effort to create what someone else has already done. It is truly paperless too, as it doesn’t require a paper document to initiate document creation.

The module provides a structured, searchable, controlled company Wiki, which can be made available to all, or restricted as documents and policy require.

Strict approval controls ensure only those people competent to approve a document can do so, supporting a fundamental principle of your quality management system. The Knowledge Management Module can be graphically rich, hold structured tables or simple written words and its highly advanced editing software means no one needs any IT skills beyond traditional office software.

"…love the software, efficient, clean, straight to where you want to be…" Eddie Patterson, London North East Railway